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The Australian Institute of Home Stagers

The Ultimate Home Staging Training in Australia



Want to have an amazing, creative career AND make a ton of money while you’re doing it?

Want a fabulous lifestyle business where you get to decide when and where you work?

Want to get paid to go shopping?

Want to get your new career off the ground in just 30 days (without going back to years of study!)?

Whenever I tell people that I get PAID to go shopping for beautiful furniture and homewares, and then get paid AGAIN to makeover people’s homes for sale, they always light up and say “Wow! What a fantastic business to be in! I would love to do that…”.

Whether you are:

  • an existing home stager who wants to take your business to the next level
  • an entrepreneur who is ready to launch an amazing, exciting new career
  • someone who wants to create some extra part time income using your creative flair and working the hours YOU want…

The training offered by the Australian Institute of Home Stagers will show you how to quickly and easily become a successful Home Stager and start profiting from your passion NOW.

Here at the Australian Institute of Home Stagers we are committed to showing you;

  • Why Home Staging is a key growth industry, and how to capitalise on it!
  • How Home Staging actually works
  • The confidence and skills to do it easily
  • Your 30 day plan to building a successful staging business
  • How to attract clients AND turn them into raving fans
  • How to make a PROFIT quickly and easily!
  • How to create compelling marketing that works!
  • How to stand out from your competition
  • Whether to buy furniture and accessories – and if so, exactly what?
  • Home Staging Portfolio Checklist – what exactly do you include?
  • What to charge for your services
  • How to run a Client Consultation with confidence
  • Understanding common client objections and how to address them
  • 3 Key Principles of Furniture Arrangement
  • 7 Step Styling system we use for every property
  • Styling exactly for the Target Market
  • How to overcome natural fears!
  • Contracts, checklists and business start-up tools included

Why not join us at the next Home Staging Intensive?


Our Exclusive 3 Day Live Training Event – designed exclusively by and for the Australian Market


Listen to What Our Graduates Have to Say…

Dear Deb and Nick

I had the most wonderful time during the Home Staging Intensive course.  You and your team were very welcoming and a joy to be around.

I loved listening to all the anecdotes you had to share!

For me, before the course I really lacked the confidence in myself but each day I learnt so much about the different aspects of building a home staging business – you have been so generous with the information you shared throughout the weekend.

The hands on experience we received is priceless and it was a lot of fun to do but by far what has amazed me the most has been the 30 day plan that I now have to start my new career – Clarity leads to Power!!!!

Thank you so much, I appreciate all that you have done for me.

I look forward to seeing you soon, take care


Jillinda PerryHaines

Hi Deb,

Thank you for the  fabulous Staging Intensive weekend, I trust you are both well.  I loved the weekend, you are both such an inspiration.

Suzie Hart

Want to know how to get started now?…

Contact Deb to find out about our next Home Staging Intensive:

3 days of the most powerful training, including our exclusive styling formulas, business systems and hands-on staging training. (Yes, we go and stage a REAL house from start to finish so you know the exact steps and systems to use in your own business.)

The training is designed to give you the SKILLS and CONFIDENCE to get you started in your own Home Staging Business. It is the ONLY live training course designed specifically for the Australian market. It contains nothing but relevant, up-to-date strategies that have been proven in this market.

I Want to find out MORE about running a successful Home Staging Business

Feel free to leave a comment (below), or send us an email at deb@minkhomestaging.com.au